Akron Restaurateur Chris Hamad Dies


Chris Hamad died Tuesday at his residence in Cuyahoga Falls. Mr. Hamad was originally hired years ago to run the original Rockne’s right off of Hudson drive in Cuyahoga Halls. He helped open the Merriman Road haunt that was a local gathering spot of many politicians; some renown names that included Mayor Dom Plusquellic back in the 1980s. This was before he became the owner.

Chris Hamad’s funeral and mass will be held on Friday morning and once a few hours pass his place Rockne’s Pub will be opened up for the day in West Akron. This is Hamad’s character according to long term patrons and family and friends.  He enjoyed everything he had created throughout his life.

His son Chris Hamad, who manages Rockne’s pub, says that he built this community surrounding the bar and embraced everyone around it and would have had it no other way. The bar will open up at 2 pm on that Friday following the services for the local owner.

Mr. Hamad was 59 when he died on Tuesday. He was battling cancer since January when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Rockne’s Bar & Restaurant

Rockne has an old family atmosphere to it and has been a staple of the community after opening up in the late 1980s. Its based in an classic brick building and not only did it have a visual classic friendly atmosphere, this atmosphere was reflected in the way they did business as well.

Hamad loved his business and everyone he served and grew to know in the establishment. His son remarked that he’d be in the middle of a large rush and he would be out in the restaurant talking with everyone before having to rush back and catch on work.

The feelings were mutual as around 800 to 900 people last month gathered together for a benefit for him last month in a Tangier restaurant in Akron last year.

Family Life & Business

Chris Hamad was a helpful soul and grew up in the business taking lead from his father and uncles who owned local restaurants around the area. Chris graduated from Archbishop Hoban High school in 1975 in Akron. He briefly enrolled at the University of Akron before realizing he wanted to stay in the family business.

He first opened up a bar in the Merriman Valley in Akron and became a partner of Rocknes after opening up a second place on Merriman and West Market Street.

In 2010 he went back to college and finished up 20 credits to get his degrees in science and sports management to set a good example to his kid and show them that education was important.

He gave back to the community and his survived by his family. His son Chris, daughters Tana Ruester, Kara Louis and Karli Brennan all who hail from Akron. His legacy will continue on and his kindness and giving to the community will not be lost on the residents of Akron and all who have been affected by Chris Hamad.


Akron Restaurateur Chris Hamad Dies

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