Akron’s Deadliest Year of Homicides

Aerial photo of the center of Akron, Ohio. Taken during fall of 2008.

Akron, Ohio is not known for being the best location in the United States, but the city has noticed an increase in deadly homicides in the year 2015. In fact, with 28 homicides in 2015, it was the second deadliest year for Akron in the past decade. This is just under the 32 homicides that were seen in the city in 2006. Of the cases in 2015, 13 of them went unsolved. Now officials in the city are wondering why there was such an influx in homicides and what they can do to lower that number for 2016.


Some cases hard to solve

Akron police Lieutenant, Dave Whiddon, said that when it comes to homicide cases you have some that are harder to solve than others. Some cases have cold cut physical evidence, while others just don’t have the DNA, which makes them harder to solve. Unsolved cases in Akron are due to bullets being fired with shell casings, but nobody around, which it makes it hard for detectives to obtain the evidence to even question an individual. Although homicide numbers were down a few years ago, the Akron detective bureau still does their best to meet and come up with any kind of solution for all the cases that remain unsolved. They don’t want any case to get pushed to the side.


A look at unsolved cases in 2015

With thirteen unsolved cases in 2015, thirteen families are still awaiting to hear news that justice has been served. Jenny Cooper lost her son on October 3, when he was shot to death while at a house playing cards with friends. A friend of Cooper’s ran to her house to let her know of her son’s death, and she was in shock that someone would fire fifteen bullets at a house, and one of those bullets just happened to hit her son and kill him. Cooper still continues to pray that God will help and the Akron detective bureau can provide some answers in the future. There were eleven shooting deaths between October and December, and only two of them were solved. Police says that even large rewards are not working because people involved in these crimes don’t want to “snitch” and get a similar fate. Zakareia Husein was shot and killed while working at his family’s pizza shop. The $50,000 reward for any information in the case was never claimed and police still have no leads or answers.


2016 not looking too bright

Although police and residents of Akron want to see the number of homicide cases go down in 2016, it doesn’t seem too likely. This is because only about a month into the new year, and there have already been three homicides in the city, all of which occurred over a 26 hour span. Kerieda Beavers was just charged with murder for the fatal shooting of her boyfriend. After an argument, Beavers fired three shots at boyfriend Tevael Parker, one of which ended up hitting and killing the 22 year old.


Hopefully the police and detectives of Akron, Ohio can work even harder in 2016 to help solve some past homicides and keep the number from rising in 2016.

Akron’s Deadliest Year of Homicides

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